Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Pilgrim & An Indian

I would just like to take a moment to post how awesome my husband is and how much of a trooper he can be when it comes to putting up with my childlike ideas. I'm a kindergarten teacher, so silly ideas are to be expected!

It was two Fridays ago when all of kindergarten had a Thanksgiving feast together. My students wore their Indian headbands, macaroni necklaces, or Pilgrim hats and I wore an Indian outfit I found at an vintage/costume shop. My sister spotted the dress and at $7, I couldn't resist. I fringed the bottom and sleeves, and found a headband for $3 at the same store. Not bad for something cheap and simple! When I got home from school that day I said, "Why should this only be worn once, when it's very appropriate for this time of year? Let's dress up for Thanksgiving!" (Picture my husband rolling his eyes). Matthew laughed a little at first, then realized I was serious and didn't say much else until Thanksgiving morning. I helped him choose Pilgrim-ish clothes and he wore the hat I made just for him - same as my students, just adult size ;) I got excited at the thought that this could be a new tradition and we can dress up for Thanksgiving every year... but my husband told me he thought differently...

Here we are Thanksgiving day at my parents' home. This Indian maiden is in love with one handsome Pilgrim!

A little fun with the SiStErS! (oh, and some little Thanksgiving friends!)

Comical...yes, but silly things lead to great memories!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We're Alive!

No, North Carolina has not devoured and swallowed us whole... we Taflans are just now slowly rising to the surface of the craziness of life. And by life I mean moving in with mom and dad, boxes everywhere, moving again to our little white house, more boxes everywhere, adjusting to work life 45 minutes away in opposite directions, working busy schedules, and just trying to get a grasp on these last 5 months of North Carolina living. I think it's safe to say our heads are now above water! Boxes are disappearing, our house is looking more like a home, and work is a bit more of a routine now and not so new and stressful (a job update will definitely be a future post). If it weren't for God's promise to provide, the love of a spouse, and supporting family just minutes down the road, then we probably would be swallowed up by all that's been happening!

Without further ado, welcome to our Little White House, as we so lovingly call it. This 1940s/50s home was quite a surprise and blessing to us and we eagerly spend each spare moment we can settling in. It's charming and sits on about 3 acres (are chickens in our future? bok, bok) and is the perfect size for us. The yard is a major plus, as well as the shed, sunroom, and many old windows for natural light. The house is not without its quirks though... for example, the landlord likes to keep everything white, and this means globbing it EVERYWHERE to the point that it has dried dripping down walls in some places (yikes!), there's no overhead lighting in the family room, the kitchen ceiling is only 2 inches taller than my dear husband meaning he has to remember to not walk under the light fixture, and our somewhat private lot happens to sit directly across from a gas station on a somewhat busy highway. Nevertheless, we are pleased and blessed and excited.

Plan to see updates on our little rental as we tackle projects here and there. We can only do so much given that we are just renters and not owners... but we are excited to add some color and beauty to the place. For now we just toss around ideas and will wait until the weather is warmer and our work lives are not as time consuming before we set to work on some things that better be easy on the wallet :)

We have much to be thankful for this year... Happy Thanksgiving!
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