Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hawaiian Island Eruption

Since I didn't get a sub job today, I decided to pack up my laptop and head to my favorite coffee shop - Volcano's Coffee Bar. Hawaiian Island Eruption is by far the best cold coffee drink and tastes great hot too! I love this particular location because it's rarely very busy and the internet is free. This is where I would come when Matthew and I first got married and internet wasn't yet connected at our apartment. I can dive into researching whatever I'd like on my computer without being distracted around our home. Today I will research cities that we would like to relocate to...

I have lived in the sunny state of Florida for too long (9 years?) and greatly miss NC. Matthew has lived here for almost 4 years and he misses Ohio. We have this longing in common that has lead us to much prayer and consideration concerning how to go about relocating. My family moved back to NC after my freshman year of college and going home to them is one of the most fulfilling things we do. Visiting family in Ohio also gives us a warm, complete feeling so we have opted to move somewhere North of SC. Before we were married Matthew printed off a map - dotted where my parents live and where his live - then drew circles around areas that were within 3-4 hours of our parents, and 6-8 hours. Family is a priority to us and we want to raise our kids within a reasonable driving distance of them.

We long to experience four seasons once again, own land, live near or in the mountains, and keep it simple. We don't mind living near a large city (that's where it'd be best for Matt to find his type of work anyway), but we would choose to live some miles away where we could come home to the quiet peacefulness of the country. To start out, we'd like to live in an apartment for a little while so we can scope out homes/land while working to save money. 

Matthew and I talk about our aspirations and are focusing on being active about them. I stumbled across this website yesterday about a young couple in their late twenties who sold everything they had to move from the West coast of Canada to the East to pursue their dreams. They have a blog on their site that I sat and read for an hour - I just love their house and how they worked so hard for what they have. Their story is crazy, yet inspiring. I shared it with Matt last night and told him I'm not saying I could do what they did, but the overall idea is encouraging. You can check out their site here... www.whimfield.com  

There are so many questions to sort through... every time I moved as a child, it was because my dad we being relocated with his job. He knew he was going to have a job when he moved us as a family. In our situation, we're not even sure how to go about finding a location to move. We know we want to be near family, that's the easy part. How does my husband find a job in this economy - especially along the line of work of film and photography? Are teaching jobs for me readily available up there as opposed to Florida? How do we begin looking? What about finances? It's overwhelming for both of us, but we know God will provide a way. Despite the questions running through our heads on a regular basis, we do know that moving is in the near future and God is our guide.

Matthew encouraged me to look up school districts today and local churches. We have a list of cities we are going to be acquiring information about: Charlottesville, VA (my favorite), Roanoke, VA, Raleigh, NC (where my family is), Nashville, TN and surrounding areas...  We know we'd like to make a weekend trip home to see my family this summer, then drive to Charlottesville for a day or two and explore there. We really like what we've seen about this area so far, and have looked into various towns outside of the big city. Who knows what could happen? We can't keep talking about wanting to move and not do anything about it. We want to be open to where God sends us - and I'm well aware it could be an entirely different place aside from what we're thinking - and that's ok. We just want to go and be in God's will throughout it all.

Ok, enough of sorting through my thoughts - I must research before I go tutor two of my students. My hawaiian island eruption is almost finished, meaning I should order a sandwich soon in order to feel like it's ok for me to keep sitting here for another hour (although I'm the only one in this place!) 

*As an exciting side note, my dad is in town on business and we're meeting him for dinner tonight! He took me to lunch yesterday and came by our place Sunday evening. It's so nice having him here - definitely makes me miss my mom and sisters!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Spring has arrived! I love the idea of the season - despite the fact that we live in Florida and the evidence of spring is not as easily observed as it is in states farther North of here. I am posting pictures of my spring crafts I've been working on. Below are my garden picks and bright birdhouse I painted. We're only allowed one pot outside the apartment for plants... so that's where they'll go :) Right now we're growing tomatoes (Matt ate 2 already!), spearmint (great in soda!), and basil.

Although they may be childish in nature, and my husband laughs at them (in a nice way), deep down I know he thinks they're just as cute as I do ;)

And the rest of my spring bunch to give away to Mom and our small group leader...

The next craft I am working on is paper pinwheels. I bought spring inspired scrapbook paper on the clearance aisle of Michaels and found the instructions on Martha Stewart's website. I've only made one so far but plan to make more using this blue paper to create a set of 4, and then I'll use other colors to make sets for my mom and sisters. They even spin when you blow on them!

This is what I wrote on the tag I am attaching to the spring gifts:

Colorful new day
Blooming flowers, singing birds
Welcome fresh sweet SPRING!

Now it's off to another Rose's Girls' Night :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday News

I've realized that I must make a more concerted effort to write in this blog on a regular basis. I really do want to, and when I have time I find myself choosing something else to do. I'll work on getting better :)

I'm not subbing today. No sub job yesterday either. I have been working 4 days a week for the last three weeks and it's been great! I'm disappointed no phone calls came this morning though. I do have two days lined up already for next week - I guess this is just an off week for work. My plan is to go to at least two more local schools in Seminole county today to drop off my substitute i.d. number and see what comes out of that. It's always good to have options! I had a great kindergarten class on Monday... definitely one of the best behaved group of kids I've experienced. They were so adorable! The more I'm in the classroom, the more I want my own so I can have routines and procedures run the way I'd like them to. I also want to decorate my own classroom! Maybe one day soon...

Spring is just a couple days away! I have been in a spring decorating mood lately. I bought flowers for the centerpiece on our table and some spring scented candles. I've also been working on spring crafts. Since I didn't babysit Saturday, I took advantage of the time to be creative and try out some projects I've seen online and in magazines. When I finish them, I'll post pictures. They're real simple and fun - I also feel productive while I work :) I would like to work on them some more today because my dad is coming into town this weekend on business and it'd be nice if he could take them home to my mom as a "Welcome Spring" gift. I told Matthew we need to take a spring picture and send it as a postcard to family... we better do it soon!

I'm positing a photo of me and two of the students I tutor at a Harlem Globetrotters game. I have 5 students now! It certainly makes my nights busy each week... the money is good because we need it and it is over the end of May. I was approached by another tutor with the opportunity to attend the Harlem Globetrotters game over at UCF for free. We even got to sit up in a box/suite! Matthew came along with me and we picked up three of my students for the event. It was a lot of fun and the show had a lot more humor than I expected. The first photo is of a brother and sister (K and 2nd grade) that I see every week. They fell in love with the Veggie Tales "Cheeseburger" song I had in my car... and we listened to it well over 5 times. The funny part is that they wanted to sing it just like Matthew did, all crazy and loud. I got it on video :) The other photo is of Matthew and the kids walking to the game. The child that's cut off is one of my other students - poor guy just had braces put on the day before and was a bit sore. Matthew was a great help all night and patiently endured the brother and sister's endless chatter, questioning, and mocking. It was great!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Overdue Photos

I am catching up on the photos I wanted to post a while ago. Above is a picture of Rose's Girls Night Out when they came to our apartment for a Valentine's/True Love Waits evening. It was a bit crowded :)

Here are a few of our garage sale items... the $1 chandelier, the window pane hanging with a collection of our seashells, and our photo collage.
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