Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Spring has arrived! I love the idea of the season - despite the fact that we live in Florida and the evidence of spring is not as easily observed as it is in states farther North of here. I am posting pictures of my spring crafts I've been working on. Below are my garden picks and bright birdhouse I painted. We're only allowed one pot outside the apartment for plants... so that's where they'll go :) Right now we're growing tomatoes (Matt ate 2 already!), spearmint (great in soda!), and basil.

Although they may be childish in nature, and my husband laughs at them (in a nice way), deep down I know he thinks they're just as cute as I do ;)

And the rest of my spring bunch to give away to Mom and our small group leader...

The next craft I am working on is paper pinwheels. I bought spring inspired scrapbook paper on the clearance aisle of Michaels and found the instructions on Martha Stewart's website. I've only made one so far but plan to make more using this blue paper to create a set of 4, and then I'll use other colors to make sets for my mom and sisters. They even spin when you blow on them!

This is what I wrote on the tag I am attaching to the spring gifts:

Colorful new day
Blooming flowers, singing birds
Welcome fresh sweet SPRING!

Now it's off to another Rose's Girls' Night :)


Brittney Galloway said...

Very cute! I especially love the pinwheels!

Callie Nicole said...

How do you make those pinwheels? I love pinwheels - that's a great idea! And I love the little painted birdhouse and spring animals too!

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