Friday, February 27, 2009

It's the 27th!

I have been married two months today <3

(I finally got a picture to post!)

More to come on the details of our wedding later...

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Friday! That was the sound of me refreshing the substitute website for Orange county (every 3 seconds) so I could have a job for today. Would you believe I did that for roughly 2 hours?! I took a break to make cupcakes for tonight when the girls come over - but that was it. They say Friday is the day they need subs most, but not last night. I was determined to have a job before I went to sleep and then contemplated just receiving a phone call in the morning instead. Well, around 10:20 a job finally popped up and it's well worth the wait! It's only a half day :) and I will certainly take what I can get. I go in at 11:16 (why the odd time, I'm not sure) and I will sub for a 2nd grade class until 3:00. I pray they're obedient students!

Having this extra time is allowing me to straighten up the apartment so I don't have too much to do when I get home this afternoon. We're expecting 8 - 12 girls around 6:30. A lady from church will drive them out here and back home again. While we're having our girls' night, Matthew has decided he'll finally go to the eye doctor. I told him to go over a year ago... but he just didn't want to spend the money when his eyes "weren't that bad." He has glasses he wears when he sits in front of the computer editing for too long, but lately his face and eyes have been hurting more. I'm glad he's going and I'm curious to see how much his sight has changed.

A friend from Georgia called us last night to share some cool news. This Christian college group on campus at one of the Georgia universities (I don't remember which one), is having a night focusing on love. This friend of ours shared our wedding ceremony video with the person in charge and they enjoyed it so much that they asked permission to show it to the college students! Who would've thought that God would use a simple video we put together for our wedding as a tool to minister to others out of our reach? Matthew & I are happy it can be used in such a way and are excited to see what else God will do with it.

Off I go to shower and vacuum before I leave to sub :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

6th Grade Social Studies

I am happy to say that I subbed two days in a row and loved every minute of it! It was for a 6th grade social studies class, and while I was hesitant at first to be with middle schoolers all day, I have to say that I truly enjoyed it. The school was awesome and I'd like to sub there again if possible. It was certainly a God-thing that I was able to get the same sub position twice - You see, you have to refresh the internet page literally every minute to look for new postings. Almost as soon as you read about the job, it's taken and you're back to clicking refresh once more. You can wait and see if you're called in the morning, but I'd much rather prefer knowing the night before where I'm headed and what age group to prepare for. For the past two nights while talking to my family on the phone I'd constantly hit the refresh button for jobs. The same job I had Tuesday came up last night and I went back to the same classroom again :) It was great!

Something quite unique happened my first day subbing in that class. During 4th period I was taking attendance when I stumbled across a familiar name. I asked the student the name of her parents, and when she told me I was surprised. Our parents had been friends long ago when my family lived in Florida before. They went to the same church before my parents had kids. I told this girl that we used to get pictures of her when she was real little, and now here she was in this classroom! Crazy :) I know I weirded her out the first day and today she came back saying she remembers going fishing with us.... I don't remember that because I thought we last saw her when she was three... either way it was neat that God placed me in that particular school (out of over 100 in the county) and in that particular 6th grade classroom.

Tomorrow I'm taking a break from subbing and heading over to Seminole county to sign a paper. I received a phone call saying that once I sign this paper then they can hand over my substitute approval letter. Yay! Now I can sub in both counties. I also have to tutor tomorrow afternoon for two hours - then assess a new student that is coming into the tutoring program. I'm going to be at the library from 5-8 tomorrow night. Talk about being there at the worst time... dinner time. Oh well, I'm helping students and making money :)

I need to make about 15 cupcakes for Friday night. It's another Girls' Night Out for those in the Projects, like we do once every month. This time they're actually coming over to our apartment for a belated Valentine's night. We're going to talk about purity and eat a meal together. Our place isn't very large... but we can spread out on the floor I guess. I'm looking forward to it because it's always fun hanging out with these middle and high school girls. They seem to say the funniest things and ask the most random, put-you-on-the-spot questions. If I can ever figure out how to upload pictures, then I'll post one of all of us Friday night. My prayer is that each time we get together, they will see God in a new way and draw closer to Him. Most are not saved and live in unfortunate situations.

Warm cookies and ice cream are waiting for me! I'm going to spend the rest of this evening relaxing with my husband, probably play some Wii games with him, then head to bed for some much needed sleep!

Monday, February 16, 2009

In Sickness and in Health...

Yes, it's been over a week since my last post and there's so much to share! First, I must tell you my excuse... I was quite sick. It came as a surprise to me as we were walking around at an art festival after church last Sunday. The fever and aches lasted off and on for five days - leaving me with an unpleasant cough and sniffles. Thankfully, I am much better and can actually eat full meals and walk without becoming exhausted :)

Picking up where I left off last, Matthew and I went shopping at garage sales last weekend. Our first stop found us with a $1 chandelier - we figured why not pay a $1 to see if the thing worked. Now we have a unique overhead light above our dinner table and it's quite exciting! We didn't have one before because our table is in what the apartment complex calls a "sunroom" - we thought it made a nice "eating nook" instead. The last house we went to (I think 6, total) had some odds and ends, and we walked away with two wooden frames with glass panes. I don't really know how to describe them, but we had some creative ideas for both of them and only paid 50 cents for each. One wooden frame is hung from our ceiling, displaying all the beach shells we've collected over the years together. The other frame uniquely displays a photo collage we created. We took many pictures of bark, leaves, etc. and ripped up the photos - then put pieces together again to create one giant picture of a tree. It was our first time every trying anything like that and it's not complete yet, but we do like what we have :) I just tried to post pictures but it was taking way too long so I'll have to try again later.

The rest of the week went by quickly. Monday I rested, determined to be better by Tuesday so I could substitute. I took a subbing job, woke up Tuesday feeling miserable, but went anyways. I didn't want to call in sick on my first day! Thank goodness for medicine! I subbed for a first grade class and it went well. There was only one terror ;) and he refused to say Mrs. Taflan. He called me Tiffany...not sure why...then settled with Mrs. T (weird because that was the name of my bus driver in high school). The day ended with me tutoring, then going to bed extra early. On Wednesday Matthew and I were asked to speak to the youth for their Purity/True Love Waits night. We met with the youth for an hour and a half and it went great! We wanted to give them something different and we did this by bringing in lamps, low lighting to create a different atmosphere. The youth pastor asked us to also share our video we had created about love that we played as an introduction to our wedding ceremony (we hope to post it online to Matthew's website soon). Matt & I want God to use us and Wednesday night was a great opportunity. Thursday and Friday I rested and caught up on cleaning the apartment. I stayed out of the schools because my fever was still coming and going.

Valentine's Day was Saturday! It was our first as a married couple and we began the day by sleeping in. My wonderful husband made me blueberry pancakes (with fresh blueberries!) and sausage <3>

Sunday was a big day - especially for Matthew. He had been asked by the youth pastor (he's the guy the married us) to assist in constructing and leading the contemporary service that morning. The contemporary service is a new thing we've been trying and lately it's had no direction. Matt and Jim dissected the parts of the service and over the next three weeks are trying out different ideas to see what works and what does not. I was quite proud of him :) He lead the worship band that morning too, so needless to say, he worked hard this past week and will again for the next two Sundays. Our prayer has been that God will use and speak through those handling the service. That afternoon was the youth group's first meeting on a Sun. night instead of a Wednesday. Matthew and I were asked to lead games (my favorite!) and we showed up with silly ideas and enough energy to get us through the evening. It was fun and looks as though we'll be back again next week to help out some more.

Well I'm off to small group. I hope to have a sub job tomorrow!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Escape to Africa

  Where the lions, zebras, giraffes, and hippos roam...Africa. My husband and I just went to see Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. We both would definitely recommend it - way better than the first one. Quite humorous! We thought it'd be fun to go on a "date" and with the cheap seats less than a mile away, we splurged the $3.oo and bought ourselves tickets :)  You can't beat that price for some good, clean fun. We were going to see a movie "on the lawn" in Winter Park tonight, but decided it's a bit too cold out! It's much warmer in the theater.

  Tomorrow is the only Saturday he isn't working this month and I'm not babysitting, so we have planned a relaxing day. We'll start with shopping... at garage sales! We like to look for anything worth buying, although usually we end up just browsing, and sometimes we get ideas to be creative with. That's what we're hoping for tomorrow - maybe a neat frame, or canvas, or wooden chair, etc. that's affordable and sparks a creative thought into our minds! Who knows... I usually end up buying books :)  After garage sales, we'll come back and just hang out here. We need to hang up some more shelves, and other various items, as well as unpack one or two more boxes. We also have to go over the Sun. School material so we are effective teachers for the 12th graders on Sunday! 

  I'd write more but Matthew's playing the Wii and keeps asking when I'm coming to play... plus I find the game sounds and his outbursts a bit distracting. He's one of those players that narrates what's happening - but only when I'm not in the room. Maybe because he doesn't want me to miss out? Well, I'm off to challenge my husband to a game of Mario Kart ;) 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Passing Time

My day began to the sound of my husband's alarm going off at 5:40 this morning. That's an hour earlier than usual because today he is working on a film crew near Sea World. I wake up with him every morning because I'd feel guilty sleeping in while he readied for work. Plus, I love being able to make him breakfast and pack his lunch (wifely duties are fulfilling!) I do find enjoyment in rising early - I'm more of a morning person than a night owl, but having no consistent job to wake up early for makes it quite difficult at times!

Good news is that I have a substitute teacher meeting tomorrow for one of the counties that I applied. Unfortunately, it's from 8:45 - 3:30 (a long time to be in a meeting) but I should be able to start subbing as soon as next week - at least I think! I don't see why not and I guess I'll find out tomorrow for sure. Soon I might be the one needing my breakfast cooked for me ;) I did have the dishes unloaded, laundry put away & another load began, fitness dvd complete, and shower all by 8:30 this morning. It felt wonderful!

I mentioned a fitness dvd... let me explain. The gym here at the apartment doesn't open until 8 and I prefer to exercise as soon as Matthew walks out the door because it gets my day going (and my chances of doing it at any other time minimize as the minutes tick by). To get me exercising, my wonderful husband got me My Fitness Coach for our Wii. It came before the Wii Fit, so it's an older version that just requires you watching the animated "coach" as she instructs you for 15 - 45 minutes. I have stuck with it consistently for 6 workouts and she has honestly worked me hard! I had no idea it would make me this sore. It's a great alternative to going to the gym because I can do it right in the living room. Nothing compares to being outside in the fresh air though. I'm trying to get Matt to walk/jog with me some evenings when we're both home at a decent hour. I do love being active, it's just a matter of discipline.

Speaking of discipline, that is what is most needed when sitting before my Singer sewing machine. I got it as a gift from my parents two Christmases ago and have only been able to use it a handful of times. This is because I have to teach myself. I have many books and have spent much time on the internet researching simple projects, etc. We don't have the extra $ for me to take a class at the craft store, so for now I explore on my own. Over a year ago I made four simple pillows out of multicolored scarves, and I also made the curtains in my bedroom at my parents' house, as well as my little sister's bedroom curtains. My latest project is dish soap aprons - cute for gifts! I wanted to start off simple (although after yesterday I've learned that sewing 1/4" bias on an item so small is not as easy as I thought). It's a progress and I hope to sew more. I love having the time now and will be sad when this spare time is gone. Maybe I'll post pictures later of my simple creations and gradually work up the knowledge and courage to tackle something more difficult!

For now I will go sit once more in front of the sewing machine, making more aprons because I'm determined to stitch the bias on correctly!

**Oh, I never did drive Matthew's car on Sunday. I was going to and even offered (rare), but we were in a hurry and he needed to drive. I told him he missed his chance :) He does want me to drive tonight though... hmm....
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