Friday, February 6, 2009

Escape to Africa

  Where the lions, zebras, giraffes, and hippos roam...Africa. My husband and I just went to see Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. We both would definitely recommend it - way better than the first one. Quite humorous! We thought it'd be fun to go on a "date" and with the cheap seats less than a mile away, we splurged the $3.oo and bought ourselves tickets :)  You can't beat that price for some good, clean fun. We were going to see a movie "on the lawn" in Winter Park tonight, but decided it's a bit too cold out! It's much warmer in the theater.

  Tomorrow is the only Saturday he isn't working this month and I'm not babysitting, so we have planned a relaxing day. We'll start with shopping... at garage sales! We like to look for anything worth buying, although usually we end up just browsing, and sometimes we get ideas to be creative with. That's what we're hoping for tomorrow - maybe a neat frame, or canvas, or wooden chair, etc. that's affordable and sparks a creative thought into our minds! Who knows... I usually end up buying books :)  After garage sales, we'll come back and just hang out here. We need to hang up some more shelves, and other various items, as well as unpack one or two more boxes. We also have to go over the Sun. School material so we are effective teachers for the 12th graders on Sunday! 

  I'd write more but Matthew's playing the Wii and keeps asking when I'm coming to play... plus I find the game sounds and his outbursts a bit distracting. He's one of those players that narrates what's happening - but only when I'm not in the room. Maybe because he doesn't want me to miss out? Well, I'm off to challenge my husband to a game of Mario Kart ;) 

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Callie Nicole said...

Don't you just love the dollar theaters?! My husband and I went to our local cheap theater last night too, and we saw Bedtime Stories. That was a good movie too - we enjoyed it! I think our theater might still be playing Madagascar too, so we might have to see that one next time!

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