Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Friday! That was the sound of me refreshing the substitute website for Orange county (every 3 seconds) so I could have a job for today. Would you believe I did that for roughly 2 hours?! I took a break to make cupcakes for tonight when the girls come over - but that was it. They say Friday is the day they need subs most, but not last night. I was determined to have a job before I went to sleep and then contemplated just receiving a phone call in the morning instead. Well, around 10:20 a job finally popped up and it's well worth the wait! It's only a half day :) and I will certainly take what I can get. I go in at 11:16 (why the odd time, I'm not sure) and I will sub for a 2nd grade class until 3:00. I pray they're obedient students!

Having this extra time is allowing me to straighten up the apartment so I don't have too much to do when I get home this afternoon. We're expecting 8 - 12 girls around 6:30. A lady from church will drive them out here and back home again. While we're having our girls' night, Matthew has decided he'll finally go to the eye doctor. I told him to go over a year ago... but he just didn't want to spend the money when his eyes "weren't that bad." He has glasses he wears when he sits in front of the computer editing for too long, but lately his face and eyes have been hurting more. I'm glad he's going and I'm curious to see how much his sight has changed.

A friend from Georgia called us last night to share some cool news. This Christian college group on campus at one of the Georgia universities (I don't remember which one), is having a night focusing on love. This friend of ours shared our wedding ceremony video with the person in charge and they enjoyed it so much that they asked permission to show it to the college students! Who would've thought that God would use a simple video we put together for our wedding as a tool to minister to others out of our reach? Matthew & I are happy it can be used in such a way and are excited to see what else God will do with it.

Off I go to shower and vacuum before I leave to sub :)

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Kara said...

I want to see the wedding video too! :)

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