Saturday, March 27, 2010

Does the Photographer dance?

My husband and I covered a wedding last night. I left after school to come straight to the site of the ceremony to get ready for pictures and videography. Not much of a break in between and we arrived home at midnight when it was all over. Quite a looooong day, but I do just love weddings! I get to work with my husband and become more skillful in his line of work; not to mention soak in beautiful ceremony/reception sites, wonderful ideas for future weddings - I have 2 sisters ;) - and also be an important part of someone's special day. My absolute favorite part is seeing how my husband works his magic in the editing process. I usually let out a sigh and say "that's so sweet!"

So I have a funny story about last night. This couple had quite a party at the reception, with an open bar fueling everyone's excitement. I was on one side of the dance floor holding up a flash for my husband while he was on the other side of the dance floor photographing/filming. This guy walked up to me who had more than enough to drink and steps in close to ask a question. Matthew & I had run into him before when he yelled, "Hey photographers! What's up? How's it going?" and gave us hi-fives. I recognized him, smiled politely, and continued on with my job of holding the light. This guy leans in and says, "So does the photographer dance?" I look at him, then look at my husband and laugh replying, "Not usually. I guess if he wanted to he could, but he's working right now." There was a moment of silence as I went back to working amused ast his question. The guy says to me with a puzzled look on his face, "I was talking about you." Another quick moment of silence. Wow. Duh, I thought as I laughed even more - to me, I = kindergarten teacher, not photographer. Silly me... my husband wasn't the only photographer/videographer there that night... I'm one too! After a few more remarks of him telling me how he's single and wants to dance I shared how I was married to the guy with the camera and dancing is not part of our work. He said he'd ask my husband if he can dance with me just a few seconds and I walked away smiling to myself as I went to tell Matthew about the man I thought wanted to dance with him :) This interesting fellow later came up to me at the end of the night wanting to know if he could be my follower... oh boy.

The night ended well as we witnessed another happy couple starting a new chapter of their lives. It's possible we'll have another wedding coming up in April. I sure hope business will continue to pick up for us when we move to NC. To see our latest wedding, go to Livesay Wedding.

As I sit here with Sunny, I realize my husband will be home shortly and I have laundry to finish before we head out the door to do some shopping. Must go get that done!

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