Friday, May 7, 2010


This week was Teacher Appreciation week... I must say I am quite blessed with the students and parents who are a part of my first year of teaching. Each day this week I was brought gifts and cards by the students, which always makes me smile when I read what they've written or see what they've picked out as a present. Children are sweet (at least mine are!) and I couldn't have asked for a better kindergarten class! When I'm feeling exhausted or as though I could scream if I have to repeat myself just ONE more time... God always provides me with a student who gives an extra hug, says "I love you," or will smile and exclaim, "this is so fun Mrs. Taflan!"

I'll have to post pictures of the poster my room-mom put outside my door on Monday and the apron she made with all the students for me. Oh and you would not believe all the sweet treats I received! And to think I was starting a new exercise program this week... :)

Also during this week was the National Day of Prayer. Our kindergarten team leader invited me and others into her room yesterday morning for some prayer time before our school day started. It was so comforting and a blessing to know that I am surrounded by fellow Christians and we can share in prayer together. Definitely a great start to the day!

Since I'm gone all day tomorrow to babysit, Matthew and I are going out for a date night. Well, we call it a date night but that doesn't necessarily mean we're going someplace special. We're really just going out wherever we feel like going - if we think of something. Maybe a walk by the lake if live music is playing tonight. I don't know. I do know that it's nice to end the work week with a relaxing evening out with the husband!

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Callie Nicole said...

That must be such a blessing to be surrouded by Christians at work! I hope you guys had a great date night! :-)

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