Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Answered Prayer

Let me begin this post by saying God is SO good and will always provide. He quickly answered our prayers for me to find a teaching job and did so in a matter of just two short weeks of living in NC! With the referral of a friend, I had an interview the day after turning in my resume and was offered the position a few days later. Oh and the best part? It's kindergarten, just like I was hoping for!

I have been hired at a Montessori school which means I will have to go through extensive training over the next year to be Montessori certified while teaching full time. The school is not completely Montessori though, because they are still a public magnet school, so I don't have to toss out all of my traditional teaching methods and tools (thank goodness, because this was incredibly terrifying to me!). It is going to be incredibly hard, as some coworkers have informed me, and I am prepared for this I believe. I have a very supportive husband, God who is faithful, and a loving family close by that I can lean on. This last month has been filled with some stress, anxiety, deep breaths, and prayer as I prepare to meet the challenge that lays before me this school year. I report to the classroom Tuesday for a week of meetings and I meet my children the following Tuesday. Oh goodness!

As for my sweet spouse, he has spent his days applying for jobs, doing small home projects for my parents here and there, and editing a wedding he filmed in Savannah (more to come on that later!). Matthew has an interview lined up (yay!) the week of the 23rd with a company in Burlington that we are praying about. It will be his first interview here in NC and even if he doesn't get the position, he's just happy to have an interview to break the ice. It's only been a month and a half, and we are trusting God's timing with Matt's work situation. Once he is employed, we plan on beginning our search for a place to live that is closer to work. Unfortunately, my job is an hour drive, unless there is traffic, near downtown Raleigh and the drive alone is exhausting. I'll be relieved when we live a bit closer... We look forward to having a place to call home outside of the city somewhere in a peaceful setting, although we'll most likely live in an apartment for the next year or two to save up for a house :) We don't know yet. In the meantime, we will continue to live here in my parents' house enjoying the blessing their home is to us.

I'd close with a photo, but after 10 minutes of trying, it's just not going to happen. You see, internet out here in the country is quite slow... and uploading anything can take years when the satellite is acting the way it is now. Not too mention that if we go over our daily usage limit, they shut our internet down for 24 hours (gasp!). I don't quite understand it, especially when a mile down the road they have high speed internet and cell phone service, yet here we have neither. Oh well. Photos will come at another time when we're out using internet somewhere else. At least for now I was able to put up an overdue post :)

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