Tuesday, October 4, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... (if you didn't just read that with the voice of Fraulein Maria, I encourage you to read it again and I promise you the happy song will be stuck in your head for a while!)

We all have numerous favorite things and lately I've been creating a mental list of my favorite things concerning our new home. I can't help it when I'm outside or inside and something about our house catches my eye and I think, "oh, I just love that!" Matt and I are truly in love with our little homestead and we are so thankful for it! A 1937 built home is not for everyone, but we are loving the potential it holds. We enjoy discussing creative ways we would add to our house's charm to make it work for us and add it to a future to-do list. For this post, I want to share our top 20 favorite things (in no particular order) about our home in hopes that it inspires you to find your favorite things about your house that just make you smile. We all have them!

1) hardwood floors (supposedly the original and they're beautiful!)

2) old glass door knobs

3) the way the light shines through the old keyhole on our mudroom door and into our kitchen

4) the floor plan - it's fairly open for a house of the '30s and the hallway is quite a decent size

5) my two large windows in the kitchen - they make my small kitchen feel bigger!

6) slightly uneven floors due to age (yes, not ideal, but it does add character and makes us laugh when
                                                        we move furniture around)

7) the brick chimney wall on the front porch - people told the seller to paint it, but he said he knows someone will like it's rustic look and it was one of the first things we LOVED about the outside of the house!

8) the way I can look out my family room window or back office window and see/hear the neighbors'

9) having a carport area and shed/small garage

10) the walk out to the coop to gather the eggs every day

11) the quiet, open countryside that makes you forget you're just 3 minutes from the highway

12) walking around our property together dreaming about what to plant here or there, and how our future children will have plenty of room to play

13) all the wild birds - just the other morning I counted 17 robins while looking out my kitchen window, and that's just one species!

14) a gravel driveway that circles around the house

15) rockers on the front porch

16) large shade trees in most areas of the yard

17) a mudroom entryway

18) full size attic that we can make useable for storage space in our house and more storage in the loft above the shed

19) new windows (this makes a HUGE difference when comparing the rental house from the late '30s to this one!)

20) having pear trees and pecan trees

Wish I had a picture for each of these, but that would make for a long post. I'll post photos of our favorite things over time :)

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Anonymous said...

Love this post! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to stop and appreciate the small things. I love your home! May God continue to fill it with lots of love and happiness.

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