Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer's End is Drawing Near

~Here is a recap of Summer 2012 for the Taflans~

We celebrated our first Mother's Day and Father's Day!

Grama and Grampa Taflan visited from Ohio

We reaped the benefits of home gardening

Our little one began sitting up (5 mos) and eating solids (6 mos). We're mostly following the baby-led weaning approach to food. He also got his two bottom teeth in!
5 months
6 months

We celebrated July 4th with cousins and Matthew got in a swimming pool for the first time! 

We took a trip to the mountains - went in caverns, shopped, and stayed at a nice resort. 

I hosted a Christmas in July crafting party - getting a head start!  

I celebrated my 25th birthday the beginning of August, the same day little man turned 7 months.

We went to the beach with my family in August, as we do every year, only this year Matthew was there to join the fun! He had such a good time! Our boy loves water :)

While at the beach, our family drove down to Medieval Times and cheered for the yellow knight! We got the biggest kick out of little Matthew raising his arms in the air and yelling in excitement over and over again until he crashed in exhaustion from all the fun. 

We've also spent days at home catching up on housework, working outside and around our home, enjoying time with friends, and reaching new milestones... like crawling!
7.5 months
It's been a wonderful summer and though I'm sad to see it come to an end, I will certainly welcome the cooler weather and colorful leaves! In the meantime, Matt and I will continue to enjoy every moment with our son, (his happiness amazes us!), as it is already going by so quickly. We look forward to what the months ahead hold for our little family!

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