Sunday, May 31, 2009

7 Days to Go...

Here's a quick update. So much has been happening that has left no time for blogging. Last Wednesday I had my final day at the elementary school because I had an early flight Thursday morning (early as in - I got up at 4:40) to go to National Training in Tennessee for CDF Freedom School. Never heard of it? Go here to check it out:          It truly is a great program.

I will admit that last week I was beyond stressed... school for the students does not end until this coming Wed. and I had to leave them a week early, meaning everything had to be finished. On top of that, my students I tutor had to be completed too in the afternoons. Then Freedom School training arrived much sooner than it needed to. Despite tears of stress and my unwillingness to leave FL (Did I mention I'd be gone 10 days and my students still had a week of school left? What about missing my husband? Oh, and let's not forget my in-laws were coming in the day I flew out so I wouldn't be there for their visit either) - yes, despite those issues, I am here with 7 days left to go. It's not terrible, in fact, I'm learning quite a bit and am being submerged in African American culture - completely unique experience. It's just a long time and I need prayer to stay energized. Today our interns arrive from our Freedom School sites jumping our numbers from 200 this past weekend (site coordinators) to a little over 1200! We have been told to prepare for chaos and loooooong days. Bring it on! If I don't survive this, then I will not be a site coordinator during our 5 weeks of school this summer.

Anyways, that's a quick update. I have to go load my luggage onto a bus and head to UT for our next week of training. Please keep me in your prayers. I miss my husband very much and it's also tough being only a state away from my family and not being able to see them! When I get back next Sunday I'll post pictures and write more as soon as I can. 


Brittney Galloway said...

I hope it goes well! You sound stressed and tired, but remember that Christ is your strength and you can complete it with Him!

Nicole said...

Only a couple more days now.
Hope you were able to enjoy some of the chaos.

Love you!

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