Friday, January 23, 2009

The apartment's clean...Food is I wait

Tonight Matt & I are having the juniors and seniors from the youth group over to our place. We teach the 12th grade every other Sunday at church and decided it was time for another "night out." We're excited because it's our first somewhat big hosting event as a married couple! Matthew wanted to give it a fun title... so tonight is officially "Captain Planet's Home Party." :)

I'm not sure what prompted him to use Captain Planet - but it definitely grabs their attention. We even found Captain Planet's Planeteers Certificates to hand out! Basically we're just going to relax and hang out with the youth: playing the Wii and other video games, board games, maybe walk to the cheap movie theater. It's great getting to know them outside of Sunday School. I'll have to remember to take pictures.


Last night was wonderful! My dad was in town on business and came by to have dinner with Matthew and I. We sat down to a bowl of rock soup that I had cooked and enjoyed conversation around the table. I absolutely love my dad - definitely a Daddy's Girl. He introduced us to this site called LinkedIn and we all sat on the couch with our laptops making profiles (nerds!). The night ended with the three of us playing some games on the Wii (it's always fun to watch dad play!). I have to say that it was a great feeling sitting in between the two men I love the most!

**Oh, so I have a funny "newlywed" story....
When Matthew gets out of the shower, or changes his clothes at all for that matter, his clothing winds up on the bathroom floor. We have a clothes hamper in the closet (just a few feet away!) but his clothes are rarely there. After a couple weeks of this, I kindly asked him to put his clothes in the hamper instead of throwing them on the floor... Ok, well maybe I didn't exactly use the kindest method of pointing out that his clothes don't belong there. I began by asking him if the clothes on the floor were dirty - knowing full well they were. Then I asked him, "Where might be a better place for the clothes?" Needless to say, "mothering" your husband isn't the best way to get a point across.
The next morning after Matt left for work I walked into the bathroom to find the hamper where his dirty clothes used to be. I laughed and moved the hamper right back into the closet. He's a smart one and I love him ;)

Well the youth should be here any minute...

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